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Private Classes

Private virtual childbirth education available and customized for you. We work together to identify your needs and design a class just for you. Prices vary and begin at $150.

Available options

  • Childbirth Preparation

  • Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding

  • Returning to Work and Pumping

  • Newborn Care and Early Parenting

  • CPR and Baby Safety

  • CPR Certification


CPR and Baby Safety

Learn about injury prevention and how and when to administer CPR to an infant. You will learn common choking hazards and how to rescue an infant who has an airway obstruction. We discuss ways to baby-proof your home, reduce the risk of SIDS, and consider how safety challenges change as babies develop and explore. This class does not result in CPR certification. Information provided in class builds confidence and skills, while not presenting content from a fear-based perspective. All activities are hands-on, interactive and designed to increase retention when you need it most. Cost is $80 per couple. Select the date to register for an upcoming group class. 

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